May 10, 2011

Oh, kids...

"Mom," the Little Girl asks, "what do snails eat?"
Distractedly I reply, "Grass and bugs and stuff I guess." She goes away. A few minutes later she pops back in. Mom, do snails sleep? 
Ummm, yes, I suppose they do.
Mom, Where do they like to live, in the sun or the shade or both?
Both I guess.
Mom, do you think they eat rolly pollys?
Mom, do snails like to be with their friends?
Ok- What is going on out there?

That's when I go and investigate. They are both having a fine time going around the yard and picking up snails and putting them in a bucket. About a 3 gallon size bucket is more than 3/4 full with snails and grass and bugs of different kinds. The plan is to put a frisbee on the top of them so that they don't crawl out and watch their snail habitat for changes and to see if they like being with friends. Science experiment gone awry or just kids curiosity? At least most of my planters are safe for a while.

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Annalia said...

I think the things they're most likely to eat in that environment....each other.