October 1, 2012

And now we know

You know that question every health care provider and pharmacist asks every time you are seen or present a prescription? Now I have a reason to answer yes, there is a known drug allergy.

A few days ago Baby got ill. Fever, cranky, sad sick. Not eating, not sleeping and not happy sick. It was especially sad since Dad was away on travel. The nights were sleepless, the days were sleepless and the baby was hot and sad. Finally, after almost 3 fulls days of fever I took him to urgent care and walked out with amoxicillian for a double ear infection. And hope. Hope that we would be well soon and happy again. I missed my happy baby.

He doesn't take medicine well. I know that, but I forced the first dose down at 7 pm Sunday night. Combined with the teething tablets and some other soothers, he slept, finally. For at least 3 full hours. Bliss. Monday at 7 am I gave him the second dose. Within 15 minutes he was screaming again. Unhappy, in pain, scared screaming. I tried to feed him and he ate fairly well. Within another 20 minutes he was getting a rash on his face. Then it spread to his head. Then he gave me back everything I had fed him plus his dose of meds. The rash spread to his neck, back and arms. We ran to the pediatrician. We were warned to not give him penicillin products anymore. The first time may be mild, but the next time might be more severe.

Within a few hours, he could open his eyes again. They weren't so swollen, but his face is still mighty red. Poor kid. I opted out of switching to another antibiotic on the off chance I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between one reaction and another. I suspect his ears will survive. Crazy day. Sad baby. My heart hurts for him. Can't wait to post another picture of my well, happy little guy. Soon, I hope.
Check out the new teeth. They are there, promise.

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Annalia said...

That's so scary. Try garlic oil in his ears. It's what my mom used for ear infections. You can find it at Fred Meyers. :)