November 1, 2012

Snow White, Super Brother and a Woodland Creature

I used to like holidays. All of the prep work, the cute decorations, fun food and people all working towards the same thing for a while. Now that some of my kids are bigger, and some smaller, I am just flat out exhausted. I didn't even find the box of decorations this year. I didn't sew, save for the Snow White head band and I didn't even bake cookies, except for the sad Pinterest Fail candy corn sugar cookies. Those turned out looking very bad. But, you know what? My kids still had a great Halloween. Everyone found a costume and they were all adorable. We painted pumpkins with friends one night and had cider and pumpkin bread for treats. We went Trunk or Treating at church which was tons of fun. Everyone got too much candy and had fun admiring other costumes. The Kindergarten party was sugar filled craziness but the middle school ignored the holiday completely. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, it turned out fun anyway. Asking my kids about previous holidays, they don't seem to remember the years I didn't pull it together and remember small details of years I go all out. Hopefully that gives me a pass this year if I can pull off something more next year, right?


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