October 25, 2013

House Craziness

We are doing some fun things with our new house. Some are not so fun, but make it liveable for us. I guess that's fun. While Justin works on figuring out why the thermostat and heat pump won't talk to each other,  calks and seals up the outside of the house, and correcting the horrible sulfur smell coming out of our well, I have been working on painting and pressure washing. And doing other things, like appliance shopping. I get to do the fun stuff. While water and heat may seem terribly important, they really are fixable things that shouldn't end up costing too much. I married a great problem solver.

It's kind of fun to go shopping for appliances. I have lived in military housing for a long, long time. I show up, get assigned housing and take what's offered in the way of amenities. Sometimes you get vintage appliances, sometimes you get a yard or carpet made in the past 3 decades. Color is never an option you get to choose for yourself. You get what you get and deal with it. So actually having a choice was kind of fun. After looking around and doing some research I decided on a bottom freezer white refrigerator. Not too many bells and whistles, but big enough to fit our stuff in and take things out without emptying everything to get to the back. I finally found this one and got a good deal on it:

I let the kids have some choices in their color schemes. I thought Meg would go for a pink, but she picked a light aqua. Bug choose gray. I tried to tell him living in the PNW the sky was gray a lot of the time, but he wanted it anyway. Once I got it up on the wall I really liked it. It looks good with his black glossy curtains and black curtain rod. What I really liked about it was that my good friend Mom Bread came and helped me paint and chat the day away. That was the best! I found a 5 gallon mis-tint that was lonely and needed a home for a lot of the rest of the house. It's a kind of beigey, yellowey kind of color. I like it a lot too. And $50 for 5 gallons of primer paint is awesome. I am going with a nautical theme in the baby's room and haven't settled on a color yet.

So here's a funny story. Or at least someday I hope to be able to look back and laugh at it. Today I am still a little peeved. I thought the oven worked because the stove top did. I took the kids down on early release day to do things in the house like paint and clean and such. Justin met us down there after work. I had dinner planned. I had taken the time to make a big casserole to take with us and even packed plates and silverware and napkins to sit on the floor and eat with. (The house is still empty.) When it comes time to put dinner in the oven, all I get are a lot of beeps and no heat.  We unplug it and try again. Still beeping and no heating. Justin messes with it. No dice. So I went for pizza. And today I go shopping for ovens. Yeah for new appliances!

We also got word yesterday that after furloughs and craziness, someone was able to process our paperwork to release our household goods. They will be released Oct 30 and then we have to wait for a truck. Still could be a while. Waiting and waiting. Patience is NOT my strong suit. Wish me luck.


Annalia said...

Painting! Fun! I love the instant reward that comes with painting.
..and your kids have excellent taste!
You have the perfect husband for that house. Lucky duck. :)

Mom Bread said...

Fun for me too. I will paint w/ you any day :)In fact we should paint the ceilings in the living room before your stuff arrives!