October 31, 2013

Moving Day again

It's moving day again. We've had lots of transition the past few months and hopefully this move will help us be settled for a long time to come. Here are some pictures of our new house. Most are from the sale listing, so consider them the "before" shots. We have already done a lot of work. Like painting all of the trim outside and touching up the other areas that needed it. What a huge difference a coat of white paint makes. Justin's been trimming trees, removing moss from the roof, getting the water heater and heat pump working and installing a house water filter system. There's more to do. This house needs a little love and we can't wait to get started making a forever home.
 The back of the house.
 The amazing shop.

 The trellace is a little overgrown, but has a healthy wisteria plant on one side.
 A fun play structure. It needs a little re-enforcing, but I think it will be fun for the kids.
 Our very own chicken coop. Guess we will be learning about chickens this year.
 The side entrance. The old nasty hot tub is going to go though. Can't wait to figure out something fun to put in it's place.

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Annalia said...

That looks great!...and already a playground for the kids - so nice!