November 25, 2013

It's a good thing he's cute

This darling, adorable third child of mine has given me a run for my money, or sanity as the case may be. While my other kids are admittedly brilliant, they were pretty laid back and mostly easy as young children. Not this one. High maintenance seems to be the new buzz word around here. Maybe it's because he's the baby or I have a zillion more other things going on now then when I had my first, but I also tend to give in to him a lot more than I should.

 Here are a few of the crazy events of the past week or so with him. In one day he found a nice purple ink pen and drew all over one of the cushions of my brand new beige micro fiber couch. He also finger painted the wall with yogurt and unpacked the one remaining box in the house, which was in his bedroom, all over the floor. (At least it was motivation to finish up in there.) That same day he also decided that diapers were optional and peeing on the carpet was fun. Later in the week he was able to open the fridge on his own and get his own snack, butter and grapes, and emptied Dad's shampoo all over the tub and his freshly changed clothes. Side note: I was standing right there blowing my hair dry for that one. I don't know how I missed it.

  His attitude is a little sassy lately too. He does not like going to Nursery class at church. What's not to like? Snacks, music, toys, coloring, bubbles. I would be thrilled to go to nursery. I try to talk it up to him, especially Sunday morning. Yesterday as we walked passed the nursery room to take Sissy to her class I looked at him and said something like how he was going to have such a fun day in nursery. He grabbed my face so I was looking at him (don't know where he learned that...) and very clearly said "Not Going." His speech is hit and miss, but that was crystal clear.

   He's also learned to climb out of his crib and is now sleeping on a mattress on the floor. He's decided he wants a say in what he wants to wear and that does NOT include hats, even when it's 20 degrees outside. He also wants to only eat raisins now and only watch Gabba Gabba. Normally I would really hate that as a screen time choice, but in reality it gives me almost enough time to take a quick shower on my own without too much worrying. We have renewed the library Yo Gabba Gabba video for 3 weeks now. It has to go back Tuesday. I am more than a little worried. Maybe a video or two will show up for Christmas.
   Walking to the bus stop takes some time. He likes to stop and talk to the chickens in the yard down the road and if the beautiful Irish Setter is out, all bets are off. He will park himself at the fence and not move until I pick him up screaming that he's not done. In typical little boy fashion he loves sticks and rocks and pockets. Walking the 1/4mile usually takes us the better part of half an hour. I usually have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. I don't plan anything until after 10 so we have time to slow down and play with sticks and leaves and such. 

    He's cute, he's smart and opinionated and more vocal than he needs to be all of the time. He's fascinated by lights and fans and our electric piano. He hates to be in trouble and usually comes to me for kisses within seconds of being reprimanded. He gives great cuddles and is getting to be a better sleeper. As for me, I am tired. Really really tired. But I am always grateful. He's smart and loving and so so joyful. The perfect fit for our family. I just can't wait until kindergarten.


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Moore Family said...

Gotta have one that makes you earn your wings :0) He sure is a cute boy.