December 15, 2008

100th Post

It's my 100th post! Is that a milestone? I am not sure, but any reason is a good reason to be happy, right?

So what's been keeping us busy lately? Seems like this time of year is always filled with craziness and you are supposed to be feeling peaceful and calm. I haven't ever figured out that paradox. In any case... here's our latest and greatest....

We had a great time at the Creche display. Megan made us all smile. See the story behind that in a previous post. We had some snow fall in the NW. It's pretty, but we aren't used to the COLD temps around here. Today the high is supposed to be 23. The news said it's colder than it's been in this area since 1956. Church was cancelled Sunday, not because of the 2 inches of snow, but because of the ice. The kids did bundle up and go out to play though. They had a great time. Adam is looking forward to spending time at his Grandma's in ID so that he can play in LOTS of snow.

The annual Christmas Choir concert was last night. That was so nice. I love participating in it every year, but after practicing since July, I am always glad to have it over too. It was fairly well attended and I hear it sounded wonderful. I know the special musical numbers I got to listen to rather than sing in sounded spectacular.

On the birthday front, we had a good friend over for dinner on Justin's birthday and some cake and ice cream bars. That was fun. Adam's birthday is Wed. and he's turning 8!!! His baptism is Saturday. We are so excited about that. He's really growing up. He is having a little family party this year with a trip to the movies on the agenda. I even cancelled piano lessons that day for him. Lucky kid.

As far as Christmas gifts go... I had wonderful intentions of making these really cute gifts for nieces and nephews and family. Supposedly easy and fast. They aren't done yet, but I still have a little over a week before we leave. Wish me luck. I am still working on Christmas cards too. Your best bet on that front is to keep checking the blog because I may not get to the actual mailing this year. This week schedule includes a dentist appointment, finishing gifts, mailing said gifts, a birthday party for Adam, a party for Meg's friend, getting ready for the baptism and packing for our Christmas Vacation. Whew, I am tired already and I haven't even started.

I did get some Christmas pictures taken of the kiddos though. I can cross that off my list.

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Sharon said...

I was sorry to have missed the concert--we had a previous committment that night, but would have loved to attend. I'm glad it went well, and I'm sure it all sounded amazing.

Have not forgotten about our re-shoot, but where does the time go?? Well, the grandparents will love portraits of their darlings any time of the year, so no worries.