December 7, 2008

Yeah Baby Jesus!!!

This made my Christmas season, really. What a treat...

As a family, we attended a community event sponsored by our church called the Creche Exhibit. It's wonderfully done, beautifully put together and a treat to attend. This year there were about 600 Nativity Displays along with a live Nativity every hour by different performers and live music in both the display area and the chapel almost the entire time. It's so peaceful and sweet. (Thanks Annie, Robyn, Julie and Amy for singing while we were there... you really touched our hearts and Justin even commented on your talents.)

We arrived just in time to find a seat for the Live Nativity performance. Meg had already had time to notice the manger and the baby doll playing Jesus resting in it. She has a doll thing right now, so she wanted desperately to investigate.

Someone else came and got the doll and Dad grabbed her so that we could sit to watch Mary and Joseph and their real 6 week old baby enter the room. She was fascinated with the whole thing, and then Mary put the baby Jesus in the manger and he started to protest. Meg kept saying "Baby Jesus?" over and over. About the time the baby in the manger worked up to a cry she was in a frenzy. She was cheering and lifting her arms in the air and yelling, in toddler loud volume, "Yeah, Baby Jesus. Hooray! Yeah Baby Jesus!" Mary started giggling, but tried to keep her part going, then Joseph started giggling too. Good thing it was almost over because by the time they were done, the entire cast, including children were giggling at her.

Sweet Meg was so excited to see Baby Jesus. She was so happy he was there, and she didn't want him to be sad. It was so sweet. I couldn't help but think of how excited we can all be for the second coming of Jesus Christ and how joyous it can be to invite Him into our lives now. Meg really did show me the true meaning of Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas one and all. No matter what you celebrate, I hope you find some peaceful time this season to count your blessings, share with friends and remember what's important to you.

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Annalia Romero said...

Sounds hilarious. Sorry we missed that...James was crying something else at the time. I think it was something about wanting a nap?
By the by, I love your new background on your me make mine cute! It's so boring right now!