December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Cake Bug!

It's Adam's 8th birthday today. We can't believe how fast time has gone or how much he has changed this last year. Since Dad's birthday a few days ago, I have tried to get Meg to say "Happy Birthday". While she talks alot, she also only says what she wants to. She didn't tell Daddy Happy Birthday until we got out the birthday cake. Then somehow, something happened in her head and now instead of Happy Birthday she says Happy Birthday Cake! He thinks it's so funny.

Bug was looking forward to staying home today because of a big storm that missed us entirely. It hit north and south of us, but missed us. No snow, and it's not even that cold anymore.

Here are some things we love about our Big Bug: He's got a sense of humor, even if it is odd. We love that he finds things to laugh about. He lavishes love on his sister. They play together, laugh together and occasionally cuddle together. He's a smarty pants and amazes us with his thirst for knowledge and his ability to learn new things. He's likes to learn about or do one thing at a time, until it's all learned or all done, even if it takes a long, long time. Like the lego designs that take days sometimes, or the block building that take hours. He loves to play Monopoly on the computer and has a great memory. He likes to run fast and jump high and swing fast. He loves the ATV's at grandparents houses and wants us to let him drive on his own. All in all, he's an amazing kid and we are so grateful to be his parents. How blessed are we???

Happy Birthday Bug!!!

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