November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays to Us!!!

I guess we can't say we never win anything anymore. Actually, we couldn't say that anyway. We are a pretty lucky family all around. In any case, we won something pretty fabulous last night.

The So-called Grown-up's in the family went to a boat holiday party. The food was so-so. (They served turkey, two days after Thanksgiving, ugh). The music was interesting, and karaoke was going strong. Lots of people had a lot to drink and we were sitting back watching it all take place. We listened to someone do a decent version of Billy Joel's Piano Man and a group of drunk goofs bungle their way through Friends in Low Places. Mercifully, someone stopped the madness to do some drawing for door prizes.

We waited, not expecting anything. We knew there was a Wii in the mix. Adam has been on edge about getting a Wii for Christmas, he wants one so bad he's started to bargain with us. He says if we get it, it can count for Christmas, Birthday and he will throw in $2.00 for us. What a generous offer, don't you think? In any case, we did not win the Wii. Instead my name was called for an all inclusive stay at the beautiful Inn at Port Ludlow for two people on any weekend before the end of Jan. that we would like. A mom and dad get away, not too far from home with luxury we could not otherwise afford. We were thrilled!!! We decided that was a great Christmas present for grown-ups and we will look forward to going. Now to find someone to watch the darling children for a couple of days.... Any takers?


Four Men and a Lady said...

We'll take your kids for you!!

Sharon said...

Congrats again! I cannot think of anyone who deserved to win this prize more. We'd be happy to help out with the kids while you guys escape.

We had a good time at the party, but then again, my husband does enjoy the karaoke :)