November 26, 2008

Sad Baby

This is what Meg has looked like for the past 5 days now. She started running a fever when we got into the car to go visit Grandparents for an early Thanksgiving and was miserable all weekend. I thought she might be better when we got home, in her own bed and all of that. Nope. She's still a sad, sad baby. I took her to the doctor just because I couldn't stand to see her so sad anymore (and because my arms were getting sore from carrying her EVERYWHERE) and it turns out she has a double ear infection. No wonder she is sad. But, here we are on day 3 of meds and she is still sad. Fortunately she is sleepy too, so I can get some blogging done.

Here she is telling me "No picture Mommy. UP! UP! UUUUUUPPPPP!"
Hopefully she will be feeling better very soon. Sad babies are the worst thing ever.


Mike & Becky said...

I am sooooo sorry. knock on wood, I have not had to deal with a double ear infection. A single ear infection is bad enough.

Lily LaRue said...

Poor baby. Give her a kiss from Grandma with lots of love.