March 13, 2009

17 and Counting

We have been married 17 years today. Sometimes that seems like a really long time and sometimes I wonder how it slipped past me so fast. In honor of our anniversary, here's a list of 17 things I love about my husband, the best husband in the world for me.

1. He's cute. He has dimples when he smiles and I love his freckles.

2. He's his own person. He's not easily swayed by anyone, likes to figure things out for himself and then sticks to what he believes.

3. He's a great dad. He dearly loves his kids and shows me what true love really is.

4. He's funny. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know.

5. He's creative. He can think of ways around just about anything.

6. He's handy. If he doesn't know how to fix something, he looks it up and always does a great job.

7. He's a dreamer. He likes to think of new and different ways to do things, for things to look, for life to be. He has vision I have never had.

8. He's picky about what he eats. I think it's so funny when he discovers a new food he likes that he had previously decided he hated for no good reason, like trying it.

9. He's a financial master. He doesn't believe in debt, so we don't have any. He's great at planning for our future and because of him, the kids might even be able to go to college some day.

10. He's good at his job. When the 4 am phone calls come, he doesn't yell. He just takes care of things. He pulls people together for a common purpose and that makes him a good leader.

11. He's an adventurer. We often leave the house with no place in mind and have a great adventure, like getting locked in the forest. We have been amazing places exploring together.

12. He's patient. I am not. It's a good balance.

13. He has the best laugh. I love listening to it, it warms my heart.

14. He's quiet. I know some people don't list that as a good thing, but I do. He doesn't speak before he thinks and what he says, he means. If he makes a statement, there's a reason behind it.

15. He loves to make faces when I take pictures. He encourages me to develop my talent, but not on him.

16. He still thinks I am sexy. I love that he still turns his head when I walk by and tells me he thinks I am gorgeous, even when I don't feel it.

17. His family is his everything. He would rather be with a couple of crazy kids and their crazy mom than anywhere else on earth. That is one of my all time favorite things about him.

Happy Anniversary. Here's to another 17, or 70.


Annalia Romero said...

Happy Anniversary!
What time are you leaving tomorrow?

Moore Family said...

That was the sweetest tribute! wishing you two many many happy more Anniversaries.