March 3, 2009

Sleep is for wimps

I love a good nap. It's in my top 5 favorite things ever. I love sleeping in too. In fact, I am kind of a sleep snob. I like my room just so, my pillows fluffed just right and just enough blankets to keep me warm but not so many as to suffocate me. I have never been a stay up all night girl, my sleep is important to me.

This week there has been little sleep at my house, at least for me and a very short unnamed person anyway. She's been sick, first with fever and then with a horrible barking cough. She's been waking herself up with her cough and then, of course, waking me up too. Then she will try to go back to sleep on me and when that doesn't work, very close next to me so that she can cough in my face. She whimpers and moans and fusses and doesn't really fall back into a deep sleep. I give her half an hour and then take her back to her bed, which last night, lasted on average 10 minutes before she was back starting the cycle all over again. Dad kicked us out of the bedroom last night. After standing duty the night before and not getting home until almost midnight the night before that, he needed some sleep.

3 days without good sleep is my limit. That's usually when I cave and take the kid to the doctor, even though I know it's just a virus. I did it today too. Meg does have another ear infection this time around and so we got an ENT consult to check out her ears really good. 4 infections in 11 months is too many. Especially when 3 of them have been the same ear. When we got home, I gave her some Motrin and she fell asleep. No wonder, she was up all night. I tried for a nap too, but science fair kept creeping in my head and the world just wouldn't go away. So, now I am tired, blurry eyed and a bit on the cranky side. If sleep is for wimps, I am the biggest one out there.

Here's to a good night's sleep tonight.


Beth Tunnell said...

Aaah. You know the truth. Sleep is for smart people who value having all of their synapses working in the morning. Hope the unnamed short person is feeling better soon.

Annalia Romero said...

Oh, Allicia, I hope you do get a good night's worth tonight. You'd think that little girl was in daycare, she's been sick so often!

I know how you feel. When James is sick, he gets in bed with me and grinds his teeth all night. It doesn't seem to keep him up, but it drives me crazy!

Grandma Linda said...

Allicia, I will definately be at the temple!! What time is it all happening? Here's too a good night sleep! There is no life without good sleep. love you sweetie!

Moore Family said...

There is always the joy of payback time when they are get to wake the darlings up for early morning seminary and chores on the weekends when they are dying for more sleep after a late night out with friends.

Hope wee one is better, and you catch up on your sleep. (If that possible with daylight savings)