March 21, 2009

Tips for Having a Very Happy 2nd Birthday Party

Here are some tips for having a very happy 2nd birthday party. In case you might need to know some day.

*Choose a day when Dad is home, even for a couple of hours. Even if it's not actually your birthday, at our house we celebrate whenever we can.

*Pick out the perfect chocolate cake with mom and the store, and then spend the rest of the day while you are waiting trying to get the plastic cover off of it so you can dig in.

*Blow out the candles. Make sure Dad and Brother get in on the action.

*Cake should be eaten with a fork, so make sure you put some on the end of your fork.

*Lick the yummy frosting off of your fingers. It must have gotten there while you were putting the piece of cake on your fork.

*Know that while your brother is 8 and you are turning 2, and he knows and helped pick out your gifts, he will not be able to restrain himself from opening your presents, even if you think you can do it just fine on your own.

*Be sure to take the time to savor each gift before opening the next one. Each one is so fun!

*Have fun!!! How often do you turn 2 anyway?


Katidid said...

This Post is great! My favorite Picture and Party tip is "putting the Cake on the Fork!" The runner up is "the present opening helper." Your kids are so cute! It looks like you had an Awesome Party!! Take Care and we hope all is well. Hopefully this weather starts to warm up soon and we can have outside play days again. :)

owona said...

Oh so cute! Happy birthday Meg! You're getting so big! We love you!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Meg!! So glad you all got to celebrate before he left.