May 20, 2009

Miss Independence

I have always known my daughter would be strong willed and independent. From the time I was 29 weeks pregnant and started into labor, I knew I had a fighter.

Now she is 2. I know that 2 year olds have to test the limits, try new things and learn at an amazing speed. My two year old is just the same. Her favorite phrase these days is "All by myself."

Putting on shoes, "all by myself", getting undressed, "all by myself", jumping on the trampoline, going to bed, brushing teeth, getting a banana, opening the fridge, getting in and out of the car, "all by myself".

All of the sudden my daily routine takes a lot longer to accomplish. That's okay, though, I am fostering Independence. She is learning to do things on her own, figure out a way around a problem, and practice her every growing vocabulary. Patience never was my strong suit, but it's worth it to see her grow and develop these skills.

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owona said...

Yay, something to look forward to...

You're a wonderful mom and your kids are lucky to have you!