August 20, 2009

You know you're in trouble when...

As a mom, there are certain things you look forward to in life. When you child starts walking, starts talking so you can understand them, school, college, mission. Those kinds of things. There are also moments when you know that life as you know it is over, and something new is beginning. You know you are in trouble when....

1. Your daughter learns to open both the fridge and the sliding door in the same week. Now there's no keeping her out of anything.
2. Said daughter decides to take after her Uncle Josh and use markers on the sliding glass door, often.
3. Your son leaves for a week to visit his grandma and the last thing he says is "Just come and get me in a week", as in, quit telling me goodbye, don't hug me again and let's get this show on the road already.
4. When your husband gets verbal orders out of the area and a month later still has no "official" orders. That means change is coming. Change to what, no one knows. I love uncertainty.
5. Said husband brings up a conversation about re-doing some of the very labor intensive, very expensive landscaping you have just finished together, because it would make things better in the long run.
6. You realize the summer has passed too quickly and despite your best efforts, things still aren't caught up. Maybe when school starts again. Maybe you will just live in a state of "behind" forever.
7. You know leaving your make-up down is a bad idea, so you don't. You tuck it up on the shelf, out of the way, so you think. Then one random day your darling daughter comes out with mascara on her lips, and all over her face and lipstick on her forehead. You know she's a climber, and you know you're in trouble.

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