January 12, 2010

If You Throw a Princess Party

If you throw a Princess Party, be prepared for the Princesses to come in force. At the recent Kitsap Regional Library Princess Party over 250 princesses and their parents/siblings attended the extravaganza.

What does a well dressed Princess wear to such an important event? Her Princess Christmas dress, of course. And, to complete the perfect outfit, shoes of her own choosing.

We met some friends while we were there and had a great time talking with the Princesses, listenting to stories and making our own crowns to be worn later. They had chocolate, a magic carpet ride game and coloring pages. If you were a two year old princess, wouldn't that be just about the perfect day?

Of course, it couldn't be complete without a photo with Prince Charming.

1 comment:

Moore Family said...

What a fun idea! Need to do this for YW or R.S.--- who doesn't like to wear a tiara?