January 28, 2010

My head is spinning...

It's been a busy, crazy couple of weeks around here. Preparing the house for tenants (hopefully), selling the truck, buying a commuter car, school commitments with kids, seeing friends, preparing talks for church, Ombudsman training, retirement ceremonies for dear friends, a sidelining illness and I don't even remember what all else. Just too much. Meg has taken up her binky again. I would too if I thought it would calm me down. This weekend my grandma is coming and Justin's Dad. Should be fun. Bug has a school play tonight and no school tomorrow. He's excited about both. It's the last weekend with our stuff for a while. Still need to pack for the road trip. Which means the car needs cleaned out. I think my GPS was stolen out of my car, but maybe it will turn up after all under some long forgotten something in the car. It's scary in there.

Good things have happened too. I had a wonderful lunch with some of my very favorite people yesterday. It was good to chat and see everyone for a while. I have had dear friends come and help me clean up the house. It looks better than it has since we moved in. I was able to share some thoughts with friends at church and that was very nice for me. I am also preparing a brief talk for this Sunday. It changes your perspective on the week and I am grateful for that. I get so wrapped up in stress that I forget to enjoy the happy, good moments that happen as they happen.

I have another 4 days to blog from here, and then it's onto more adventures. Wish us luck. (Oh thanks Mom for the post card. You are a talented woman.)


Katidid said...

Good Luck with EVERYTHING!

Annalia Romero said...

Oh, man! I'm stressed out just reading about it!