September 22, 2010

A Birthday Surprise part 2

You didn't really think he took me to see G-Force at the park did you? On my birthday, when we had a babysitter we were paying for? Not. Going. To. Happen.

The next thing that came up on the reader board was this...

Much better. I love community theater. He's never given in and gone with me. That was the biggest surprise of the night. That he chose something out of his comfort zone that he knew I would love. Much Ado About Nothing is a wonderful Shakespeare comedy. If you are in the area and are able to catch anything at the Coronado Community Playhouse, it's well worth the effort. We both really enjoyed it and thought the performers did and excellent job. I was really, really surprised. I even told him I wouldn't mention that we went with me to any of his friends. He could stick with the G-Force story. I am fairly certain none of his friends read my blog. Face Book is another story. In any case, he gets big points for making his wife happy and pulling off the surprise.

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Katidid said...

I'm going to make Bryan read this post. Something out of his comfort zone is one of the best Birthday surprises that I can think of. :) I"m still begging my hubby to take me to a play--you're post gives me hope for someday! :)