September 23, 2010

A Happy Birthday Part 3

After staying out late the night before with my darling hubsand at the community theater, I headed out bright and early the next morning for a day of shopping and girl talk in LA at the Fashion and Garment district. That was tons of fun.

At the Michael Levine's loft, where you dig through bins and buy your fabric not by the yard, but by the pound, I found some yummy white and bright yellow fabric I have a skirt in mind for.

Some of it was good, some was not, but mostly it was a grown-up treasure hunt.

We choose a day that was not ideal. It was a Jewish holiday and most shops were closed. Even with that, we found enough open to keep us walking from 10:30-3:30 that day. There's no place to sit and rest, so if you go, be prepared for that. We saw shops with $1.00/spool serger and embroidery threads, and notions of all types and sizes. Elastic for 15 cents/yard. Flannel, cotton, fleece, knits, rayon, blended fabric, lace of all kinds and everything in between. Some shops were organized and pretty.

Some were not. They kind of reminded me of my Grandmother's basement at one time. Seriously. Grandma knitted, crocheted, sewed, serged and did all manner of needle crafts. She could have had her own shop. All of her grand kids had the pretties to prove it.

Trims anyone? If you can't find it here, it isn't out there.

On the way home at the request of some hungry husbands who had a taste of being Mom for a day, we stopped at Randy's doughnuts. One of the better doughnut shops on the West Coast, so they told me.

We all had a great time. We didn't get home until late and we were tired. We also had all added at least 10 things to our project list. We also can't wait to go back. Thanks Mary, Michelle, and Angela for wonderful day and a great birthday weekend adventure. And thanks to my Hunky Husband, who held down the fort while I played a little.


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