September 21, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

Any time my Dearest Husband plans something without my input it's a gamble for him. After all this time, I think I am still a bit of a mystery to him. I think that's a good thing, right?

So, for my birthday this year he planned a surprise. He snuck around all week trying to get things accomplished. He erased his browsing history on the computer and cleared the cache every night. (Why do you think I am so hard to surprise?) There are only two times in the past he's managed to surprise me completely and he was aiming to do it again. My one request was that we go to a good Mexican restaurant for dinner. He nailed that one. Miguel's was perfect.

After dinner we strolled down the boardwalk next to the community center, enjoying the sunset and taking a few snapshots. We watched a wedding reception for a while went down to a park. We came back up the boardwalk and this is what I saw on the reader board at the Community Playhouse.

That's right folks. It says G-Force in the park at sunset. On the beach. With 200 other people and their loud, darling children throwing things and having a great time. Guinea Pigs who save the world. Gotta love my guy!

Stay tuned.... It gets better!

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