April 23, 2012

2 months and growing...

Joseph had his 2 month check up a little late, but still before he hit 3 months. He's a growing, happy boy. Here are his stats:
weight: 13.9 lbs, in the 90th percentile
length: 22.7", in the 25th %
head circumference: 16", in the 50th%

We see a pediatrician who specializes in special needs kids because of the genetic stuff the other kids have. Everyone sees the same Doc. He's a nice guy who knows his stuff. Joey is not showing any signs of Ehlers-Danlos at this point. He's hitting his milestones, some even a little early. I was not counting on having a baby who can roll both ways at 2 months old. He's smiling and cooing and responding to his family. He's still got a fussy time in the evening and we would love to sleep a little longer than 3 hours at a stretch at night. He's kept most of his hair and it's turned pretty red. With all that blond hair at birth I was sure he'd stay blond, but I love the little red head. He does share the red head temperament occasionally, but then so do I and I don't have red hair.He's got a dimple on his chin that only shows when he's mad, which I laugh at every time I see. It probably irritates him to have someone laugh at him when he's mad, but I just can't help myself.

 He's got the best chubby baby thighs and a melt your heart smile.

He's absolutely adored by his big brother and sister. We are a blessed family.

 {Photo by Ashely Koser}

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Moore Family said...

Love that last photo! So happy for your little family of 5!