April 5, 2012

Fortunatley, Unfortunatley

These past two weeks have been a real life game of Fortunately, Unfortunately. It's been crazy and we have all been searching for the good with the bad.

It all started with colds. All of us had a cold, some worse than others. My Mom was due to arrive and I felt bad that we all felt bad, but she wasn't canceling on us, so even knowing we were sick, she got on a plane, fortunately. Unfortunately, the day after she arrived the baby was admitted to the hospital in respiratory distress and stayed there for 5 long days. Unfortunately again, we had planned his baby blessing for that weekend and Uncle Jimmy was flying down to bless him. Tickets had already been purchased and fortunately he decided to come anyway. Instead of a baby blessing in church on Sunday with our ward family, we had a very private and sweet blessing in a hospital room with just family, the Bishop and a military relations missionary couple who we have come to love. It was sweet and quite and perfect. Fortunately.

Also Fortunately during that time Mom was able to be at home caring for kids and dealing with little things like school and fevers and house stuff allowing me to put all of my attention on our tiny baby trying hard to get well. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule Megan's birthday party. She was sick and I was caring for Joey, so it had to be moved to another Saturday. It was Princess and Super Hero perfect when we were able to do it.

Unfortunately we got a call from our property manager about our house in Washington on a Monday. While moving in, our brand new tenants had a big issue. The water heater kind of exploded and the water shut off valve broke, leaving water flowing into the garage and all over their belongings that they had just moved in. And emergency plumber and new water heater on a Saturday afternoon equals $$$$. Fortunately, there wasn't any damage to the house, just the belongings in the garage and it was able to be repaired quickly. They never had to have a cold shower and we had some savings to cover the cost. We are glad for a company who is reliable and on top of things in our absence.

The night we got home from the hospital, Mom broke her tooth at dinner. After deciding superglue was not the way to repair a tooth, she remembered her travel insurance. She doesn't have dental insurance at home, but under the terms of her travel insurance while on vacation, she had $500 in dental coverage. Fortunately, we were able to find a dentist to see her at 8:30 the next morning and got her tooth repaired. While she was at the dentist, Meg and baby and I went thrift shopping and found some fun stuff, including a perfect Princess Party dress. All in all a good day.

Unfortunately, Mom never got to see San Diego. She spent most of her time in my house caring for sick kids and my family while I was gone. No Zoo or beach or Seaport Village or even a submarine. We did make time to get a Chinese foot massage, a very different experience and the night before she left we made it to the Mormon Battalion and sight seeing in Old Town. That was fun. We also stopped at Balboa Park on the way to the airport. Fortunately, she had a late afternoon flight and we had time to play in the morning. Fortunately, she was perfectly happy to rock grand kids, play games and hang around the house.

Also Fortunately during this time we had sweet church members and friends bring dinner to our home, come and visit and help in so many ways. During General Conference this month I heard talks about trials and why we have them. We heard that one reason we have trials is so that we can better recognize our blessings and the hand of God in our lives. That has surely been true for me this past month. Through friends, family, and faith I have seen blessings come our way in the midst of trials. We are Fortunate.


Annalia said...

Ah, your crazy, wonderful life. :)

Mom Bread said...

I am glad that he is home and that your mom was able to help you. Life is full of all the ups and downs isn't it...