April 17, 2012

Sweet Memories

My kids Grandpa passed away on Sunday April 15. We knew he had been ill and we had been hoping for the best, but it was not to be. Grandpa Joe was great for my kids, and for both of us parents too. He came into our lives when we were teens and became a solid force when neither one of us had much of one. He was hard on the people he loved because he expected much of them. He had a tender heart under the gruff voice and a brilliant mind. He never met a problem he couldn't eventually figure out. He built and invented several amazing things over the years. He taught my son to never say "can't" inspiring a school speech which he got an 'A' on.
 He loved babies and kids. He couldn't wait to get his hands on the babies around him. He was constantly amazed at people, either their kindness or their stupidity. He was big on second chances though and if you were stupid once it didn't mean you had to stay that way forever. He served in the Navy for 25 years, becoming the Command Master Chief of the USS Enterprise for a while and learning an extensive vocabulary which he worked hard to reign in around the kiddos. He loved fishing, boating, traveling and out door activities along with reading and learning. He was proud of his kids and did everything he could to support and uplift them. He's been there for us most of our lives and it's hard to imagine a world where his laughter and strength aren't there. We have sweet memories for which I am so, so grateful.


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