March 25, 2012

Birthday and Blessing

Happy Birthday to my smart, sweet, determined, curious and relentless 5 year old bundle of perfection. We love our sweet little Megan!

Our blessing for Joseph didn't quite go as planned, but it was very sweet and intimate. We are so thrilled to have him in our home and family. These mighty men came to our hospital room and had traveled from far away to perform this ordinance. We were able to unhook him from the monitors for a few minutes to dress him in this beautiful outfit made by my talented Aunt Jodi. When we get home and his cheeks heal up from the tape, I will take some pictures of him in it. Thanks to all who were able to make this possible for us. We love you.

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Leslie said...

Hope your littlest man is feeling better now. Happy birthday to Meg. I had forgotten that her and Josiah have the same b-day.