March 6, 2012

Self Sufficiency and other Goings On

What you do when you are almost 5 and you just can't wait another second for your mom to get done feeding/changing/caring for the baby and you NEED your gloves down because it's FREEZING in San Diego? Pull up the chair, then get the foot stool and hope for the best. It didn't work out all that well.

What do you do when you are a tiny baby and your family insists that you need 6 pacifiers in hopes that just one will make you happy? Find your own thumb. Much more satisfying, when you want it.

We are learning to be self-sufficient around here. It's a good lesson to learn early in life.

In other goings on... Mom and Dad had a date night recently thanks to Grandma Cozette being here. We did take the shortest one with us, as he doesn't love taking a bottle. Our date was from Justin's Christmas gift of 12 date nights. A walk around Mission Bay park and dinner at a food truck After searching for an open food truck on a Saturday night, we decided the ice cream truck counted. It was a fun night. We watched the sunset, watched some dancing and had a great walk and talk. Joseph wasn't thrilled the entire night, but he did pretty well.

We've had lots of visitors lately, and their adventures are coming up in another post. Also coming up soon, our 20th anniversary. What to do, what to do...


Katidid said...

Love the Pictures! Good to see & hear you are all doing well, even if the patience is running a little thin for some. :)

Annalia said...

I thought you were posting about your food storage, etc...and I was all "Whoa, slow down, woman with a newborn!"

Mom Bread said...

Yea for thumb suckers! They make the best babies!