December 18, 2007

Baby it's cold inside!!!

BURRRRRR!!! It's been cold for the NW. Sometime Sunday my furnace decides it's done working. After being gone all day, I don't know when that happened, but I didn't discover it until late at night. The next morning it's 58 degrees in my house. Kids are cold and cranky, I am cold and cranky but we are up and around. I called around and finally found someone who could come and take a look at it. About noon I remember we have a little space heater in the garage that would help keep us a little warmer. We do have a fireplace, but if you haven't heard, it's been raining here. Everything is wet because I never use the fireplace. (Did I mention DH is at sea?)

The story is long but here is the moral. God takes care of us. He knows our needs before we do and all we have to do is ask for help. The furnace guy comes and tells me to expect a bill of about $400. It's Christmas time and I was hoping to spend that money on Christmas. That same day in the mail we receive several Christmas cards, one from a close family member. When I open the card there is a check for Christmas for $400. It's just so amazing. I called him right away, asking how he knew what we needed. He didn't, he just did what he thought he could. I told him I felt a little bad spend that $400 on a furnace when it's meant to be for Christmas. He told my not to let my kids freeze, he would be mad.

If ever you feel alone and desperate, talk to God. He really does care for each and every one of us. What a blessing.

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