December 8, 2007

Megan Meets Santa

Today was the boat children's Christmas party. We had a good time playing pin the star on the Christmas Tree, dance like a Reindeer, cake walk and toss the ball into the present. They had a "guess how many is in the jar game" too. There were 8 jars of different things and we had brought one of them with us. Adam won 4 of the remaining 7. I don't know how he guessed so closely. Crazy, but he was excited to bring home those cool prizes.

Santa arrived near the end to see the kiddos and take pictures. It was Megan's first time to see Santa and I wondered how she would do. She wanted that beard. She got her hands so tangled in it I had to rescue Santa. So funny. She wasn't afraid though. Adam said he didn't have a big wish list this year and would be happy with whatever Santa brought for him. (thank heaven's).

What a day, what a memory. Merry Christmas everyone!

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