December 29, 2007

The Birthday to Remember

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to tell you all about Adam's Zoo Lights party. First, he has this fascination with this local tv show called Evening Magazine. It's about local events and places to go, that kind of thing. It's a family friendly show and he loves it. One of the hosts is a silly guy named John Curely who Adam just loves.So we went to Zoo Lights with some friends and took cupcakes to celebrate Adam's birthday. While we were sitting to have a pic-nic dinner and cupcakes, Adam noticed right away that John Curely was there, doing a spot on Zoo Lights for the show. He asked me if he could meet him for real and take him a cupcake. We went down and waited where he was filming. Amazingly there wasn't a crowd. When the took a break from filming, John Curley came right over to us to talk to us. Adam gave him a cupcake, told him it was his birthday and got to take a picture with him. The guy was truly nice and kind and very generous with his limited time. I was impressed. The whole rest of the night all Adam talked about was meeting this guy. That was the highlight of his 7th birthday. So here's our photos of the cool birthday celebration.

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Beth said...

So cool Adam!!!! I love John Curley too and you got a picture with him!!! What an awesome birthday!!!