December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has plans for the best New Years ever. I wanted to share some of our great days this Christmas Season. Thanks to all of the friends and family who were part of it in some small way. It isn't Christmas without the love and friendship of all of you.

Our Holiday Season Top 10 List

(not necessarily pictured above)

1. Adam meeting John Curley at Zoo Lights.

2. The furnace getting fixed.

3. 12 Days of Christmas gifts showing up at our home. We loved that!!!

4. Megan learning to really crawl.

5. Not having to cook dinner. Catering is the way to go. (Thanks for all of it, Annalia.) Going to Grandma's house was so perfect for us this year.

6. All of the plates of cookies and goodies that made their way to our house. We loved sharing them with cousins and family.

7. Watching the kids participate in two Nativity Plays.

8. The Stake Christmas Concert- and the Creche display. That was AMAZING.

9. Decorating cookies with friends.

10. FHE with friends, even though I made salt hot chocolate instead of good hot chocolate. That's okay, we fixed it and I am grateful no one held it against me.



cprolf said...

A-I love your blog! I will refer to it from time to time as our family is about to embark on a 14 month army deployment. I hope you can give me tips on surviving (well) with our three children as he is away. The deli-sub is my best friend which is where I found your link. You and I have met at least once but you may not remember me. Take care and congrats on the new little one.

Islandalli said...

I remember you. I think you will do fine during deployment. Just keep swimming... Thanks for popping in.