December 27, 2011

Still pregnant

 By this time in my last pregnancy I was on bed rest. Actually I had been for a week in the hospital and was  waiting to go home and be on bed rest. I was very worried about getting to this point in this pregnancy, but things have actually gone pretty well. We've had some minor bumps in the road and I am on "light duty" and really watching the things I do and don't do. I have had some great help along the way and I am so, so grateful for friends who have been able to take my kids at the last minute for hours at a time and sweet missionaries who have come to make cookies with the kids so they wouldn't miss out on one of their favorite Christmas things.

We have made it to the 30 week mark, and that's pretty remarkable. Every day counts.



My Favorite Petts said...

We love the Hubbs family! Cookie baking is a favorite activity for me, and with two adorable kids it was even better. Thanks for sharing your children and your family.

Annalia said...

Good job with your baby-making! :) I'm glad things are at least going better than last time.