January 8, 2008

Does God care about my printer?

Does God care about my printer? Probably not so much, but I know he cares about me. I have seen it over and over the past few weeks and I am so grateful for it.

Here's the story. A good friend of mine lost her Mother-in-law last week. I wanted to reach out and help and finally found my niche. The computer. I can do programs, cards, picture stuff. Whatever could be done on a computer, I can do. I am printing programs last night for the service today and it's taking a long long time. Way longer than normal. All of the sudden, it just stops printing. I try the troubleshooting stuff, look on the website, even call a friend at 10:00 at night looking for some way to fix this. I go to bed discouraged and frustrated I can't get the job finished.

I went to bed and prayed. Not that my printer would miraculously fix itself while I slept, but that I would find the answer to the problem and find a way to get the programs finished in time for the memorial service. That I don't have to burden my friend whose been burned enough the past week and that I can truly show the family my love and friendship. I got up the next morning and in my inbox was an e-mail from tech support. They never answer that fast, they are usually a week or so in response. I followed the directions and it worked. I was back to printing my little heart out. How amazing is that?

So I had to ask, does God care about my printer? Nope. But he cares about my intentions, about my heart being in the right place, and about my friends. I am so glad for the power of prayer and for understanding friends. What blessings we have.

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