January 8, 2008

No Business like Snow Business

Yahoooo!!! School is 2 hours late!!! What's the world's greatest 7 year old going to do with his extra time? He was planning on sleeping (sleep is big in our house) until he realized it snowed last night. He's up with lightening speed and dressed before I had to nag him 5 times. He even brushes his teeth. Before I barely realize he's up, he's outside. His goal this winter is to build a snow family, but we don't get much snow and so he's doing it one snowman at a time, with each batch of snow we get. He told me to take pictures of them so I can put them all together when he's done. Smart kid.

One more thing about that snow family. He's decided he's going to do it himself, with no help from mom, dad or anyone else. The first two were pretty easy, they were the kid snowpeople. Short, small, easy to handle snowballs. Today was Mom's turn. A little harder with the bigger snowballs. I asked him several times if he wanted help. He kept telling me he could do it himself. He said "I want to build this snow family myself with no help from anyone. Then I want you to take pictures so I can show them to dad when he comes home. Then he will say 'That's freakin' Awesome, Bug.'" I wasn't sure he could do it, but he did. Going to be an engineer someday. Look for upcoming photos of the snow Cat.

On another note, Meg was not thrilled with the snow today. Could have been because she wasn't quite awake yet or that she hates her snowsuit and cries every time I put her in it. It also could have been that brother kept pelting her with snowballs. I am not sure he's realized that she's going to be big enough to fight back one day soon. Whatever the reason, she wasn't happy with the white stuff and wanted to go back in the house and eat cheerios.


Anonymous said...

Another great story. adam will get it done if he gets enough snow. he is a smart kid and plenty determined. megan will grow to like snow too i am sure. i love you all very much and i will see you sooner than you think. justin

cprolf said...

What cute kids you have! I love the ideas little kids get-snow family. Also, deli-sub mentioned that you are in the pp in your ward. I am also and have come across a great website with all kinds of ideas including some great sharing time ideas. I thought it might come in handy for you sometime. The link is sugardoodle.net

Our Deli-Sub said...

I don't think I would like the snow much either if I had not control of how long I was going to have to lie in it on my belly. No wonder she is in a hurry to start standing.