January 13, 2008

Help, I'm up and I can't get down!

Yep, She's cute. Adorable even. And pretty tricky. She crawls everywhere now, gets into things, loves books and the cat food and opening cabinets. She can pull herself up now and I have heard (although I haven't seen it yet) that she even lets go and stand for a few seconds at a time. She is Superbaby.
So, what can't she do? Sit back down. She gets up, but the down part doesn't make sense in her little head yet. I figured the crib was the safest place to practice this new skill, so we tried playing a game. She stood up, I helped her sit down. Let's just say we're still working on it.
All things in good time. No rush here for anything like ballet lessons, ear piercings, make-up, bicycle rides, kindergarten or anything else. I am happy to watch her be my baby. Time stands still for no baby, so enjoy it while you can.

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