January 1, 2009

Hightlights of Christmas Break

Here are a few highlights of our Christmas vacation.

  • Snow, snow, snow. Sledding and laughing and not getting the car stuck.
  • The kids getting to ride horses.
  • Playing with cousins and cousins new Christmas toys.
  • Visiting with family we don't see often.
  • Bug getting to beat lots of new people at Monopoly.
  • Visiting OMSI. (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)
  • Reading some good books in the car.
  • Listening to Meg sing Jingle Bells 150 times an hour until she fell asleep in the car.
  • Seeing Twilight with my SIL. Late at night, and almost kid free.
  • Early morning shopping with another SIL to find that "perfect" gift.
  • Great food, and not having to stress over cooking it.

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