January 5, 2009

Life is hard when you are under 3 feet tall

Poor Meg. Just can't seem to catch a break. Either she has it and she doesn't want it, or she doesn't have it and she does want it. What's that they say about being 2? She's not quite 2 yet, but it looks like we are close enough.

In case you were wondering, she did get her turn, and she wasn't all that thrilled about it once she got there.

It did help a little once brother got on with her. She was none to patient about waiting for him to take another turn by himself though.

Grandpa is determined to make horse people of out them yet. Chyanne was a great horse to put up with screeching Meg though. Adam was a great rider this time around. Maybe next time he won't even need to be led around.


Annalia Romero said...

Meg looks so little to be on that gigantic horse!

Our Deli-Sub said...

I think Meggie and I have a lot in common right now.