January 2, 2009

My Sewing Debaccle

I am not a seamstress. Stress is the key word when I sit down to sew. I don't know if it's not understanding the impossible directions, a bit of a sewing language barrier, or having the rest of the house in total chaos while I am consumed by a project, but it's just not a good thing. In any case, thanks to Mom Bread, I decided to do the cutest project this year for all of our nieces and nephews. She made it look so cute and easy... Sigh.

All of our little ones got a custom apron and matching chef's hat. Along with that went wooden spoons and a cute little cooking for kids cookbook. Mom's and Dad's also got aprons (no hats) and grilling accessories. Babies got smocks. In spite of all of the chaos that went into the making of these gifts, they looked adorable on all of the children and everyone looked pretty pleased with them. The idea was to encourage a family activity, and who doesn't like to eat?

Again, I am no pro, but here's the pictures. Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the cute purple one with yellow rick rack on the hat and the darling green ones with brown accents. Maybe the Mom's will send me some pictures of them being modeled?


Moore Family said...

Cute Cute Aprons! You are a great seamstress... in fact, I destinctly remember you making some fantastic quilts.

Katidid said...

I agree with the Moore family, you have great sewing skills--keep up that talent.
What a great idea for a family gift, the wooden spoon and the cook book sound like a good accent to you're professional aprons.:)

Our Deli-Sub said...

It is easy if you stop at plain chef hats. They are darling though so consider it a worthwile project.

L Williamson said...

We recently collected our stuff from storage and Rachel is delighted to display and snuggle with the baby quit you made for her. I agree with the "stress" sentiment, but you certainly have talent. The aprons look great!