April 29, 2009

Good News and Bad News

A letter sent to Justin this week.

The good news is: that the leak is fixed in the main bathroom. The bad news is: everything under the sink, including the TP and the nebulizer are toast. More good news there, the bathroom floor is really, really clean now.

The good news is: the yard is ready to plant. The bad news is: I don't know what to do next. Still trying to decide. And whatever it is, it's going to cost money.

The good news is: your truck started up just fine after having only started up once in the last month. The bad news is: instead of the exhaust coming out of the tail pipe, it comes out from underneath the truck and makes lots of bluish smoke.

The good news is: your kids are cute. The bad news is: their mom is crazy.
Love you.

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Katidid said...

I love this post!! Even though my hubby is not away to sea for months at a time, a letter like this one may help him realize Why is wife is crazy too! :) You are so clever.