April 11, 2009

Our Weekend Adventures

We had a pretty good weekend. Or good start to it anyway. Full of the kind of adventures you can only have with kids in tow.

We left straight from school to go and visit Grandma Cozette and Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim. The kids got to meet the goats right away, and that was fun. Except they wanted to climb all over Adam and Meg would have rather been looking at the chickens.

Meg refused to go to sleep that night until after 11 and then was up bright and early with the sunshine. Adam played with cousin Maddelyn and had a great time. The next morning we planned on going to the Snohomish Easter parade. Until we discovered someone had locked the keys in the car with Meg. Adam talked her through it though and before AAA could get there had her opening the door for us. Good big brother.

We headed on out to the parade, where we missed this float with cousins children showing off their beautiful hand made Easter Bonnets. Good thing we got to see the pictures.

Then we watched the Pirate Easter Bunny lead his crew of Seafair Pirates down the street and light fireworks as they went. They passed out candy and silver coins. Adam complained it was too loud and he wanted to go home.

Next the boy scouts came by. They looked like they needed a little more practice marching, but to be fair, those unicyclists were really distracting.

Every community member was invited participate in the parade if they wanted too and it was really sweet to see some of the people headed down the street. They had wheel chairs, dogs, and even bunnies. There were marching bands and even bands with "older folks" that played the Bunny Hop. Fun was had by all. Except Adam.


L Williamson said...

Cute pictures. Sorry Adam had a rough time at the parade. We had an experience with a two year old locked in the van with the keys at Arches National Park last month. I sat Isabell in the front seat, with the door open and went to the back of the van to get the diapers and wipes. Just as I shut the back hatch, the door shut and mysteriously was locked, with the keys on the seat next to Bell. Aggh! I couldn't talk her through it, but Dad could. She was never upset and must have thought I was amusing trying to direct her to push the unlock button they way she kept smiling and laughing at me.

Our Deli-Sub said...

I love the shot of the lady in the purple hat. She is a lady after my own heart. Those red hat lady's that wear read hats and purple clothes to be "rebels" and they all look the same and go on feild trips bug me because they are all the same and what is the point. Anyway, I got a laugh out of the purple hat w/ a red shirt.
BTW you really need to put a spare set of keys in your purse :)

Islandalli said...

I had a spare set of keys, in the diaper bag in the car. Good in theory, bad in practice.