April 28, 2009

What Does Your Garden Grow?

I was so excited to finally be able to get my garden in. I am not all that behind the times for our area, so that is good. The sweet McCormick's came last week and we had a very enjoyable time cleaning out the raised beds in preparation for this years garden. It was fun to visit with them while we worked and we got it all done. I would have probably gotten distracted 5 times and never gotten it all the way done.
Then last night we had a super fun Family Home Evening with some friends. We talked about planting and planning a garden and had a great time planting. Meg and their little boy (the same age) had a great time throwing rocks and dirt in each others hair. He filled her hoodie up with gravel and dirt and that was an unexpected surprise later. They jumped on the trampoline while we planted and Adam supervised. Hey, no one ended up in tears, which I count as a very successful FHE.
So what does our garden grow this year? Tomatoes, of course. Broccoli, carrots, radishes, peas, beans, cucumbers, green onions, and a sad little pepper plant I am not so sure is going to make it. Missing this year, the zucchini. I will have lettuce in a window box, but haven't gotten that far yet. We also transplanted geraniums into the planters next to the swing that look lovely. We are on the right path. We can't wait for the harvest, but we know there's a lot of work in between.
What does your garden grow?

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Our Deli-Sub said...

I planted mammoth sunflowers and zinnas today. I didn't do it for me. I did it for the birds:)