April 16, 2009

Lost and Found

In early February I took some impromptu photos of my cousin and his sweet family. It was a quick shoot, no one had much time and it was a sad day with lots of people around. I was using the trusty Minolta, so it was on film and I was hoping I got some good shots for them. Later that day I went with Mom to Costco to get the film developed, but it was gone. I searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I had to tell them I had lost the film, and that was awful. I have never lost any one's pictures before and I just felt so bad.

Fast forward to yesterday when I was again tearing the car apart, this time looking for my lost ID card. Must have that, can't loose it when Justin is gone to help me get a new one and the Power of Attorney has expired. That makes life difficult to say the least. In any case, in my motivation to find the ID, I dislodged the lost roll of film from a spring under the seat of my car. Who would have thought? No wonder I couldn't see it by just looking under there. In any case, I was excited to call and let them know the pictures were found and now I get to share them. Cute family, aren't they?


L Williamson said...

Did you find your ID?

Islandalli said...

It did eventually turn up in the garage, under one of the work tables. It must have been tossed or kicked out of the car when getting someone short out of her carseat. Or something like that. Thanks for thinking of me. That's a big deal to loose.

Our Deli-Sub said...

What a treasure! They turned out great and I am sure your cousin will think they were worth waiting for.