April 9, 2009

Things overheard at our house on a typical school morning

If you were a fly on the wall at our house on a typical school morning, here are some things you might overhear:

From Meg:
(at about 6:30 am) Hi Mom. Meggy's wake up.
Meggy needs milk.
I hungry. Wake up Mommy.
Meggy's poopy. Mommy, GET UP.
Mommy, milk please.
I need a banana, Bug. (banana is pronounced with the emphasis on the first syllable.)

From Mom:
Come cuddle with Mommy for a while, Meg. It's not time to get up. (in my dreams)
Adam, the alarm went off, time to wake up.
Adam, time to get up. You have had 10 extra minutes.
No, I don't know where your pants are. Have you checked your drawers or put any laundry in the laundry room lately?
Do you remember what you have to do after school today?
Where's your lunchbox so that we can get that going?
What do you darlings want for breakfast this morning?
Time to get off of the heater vent and get ready to go. I will turn in down to 60 if you don't start listening and getting ready to go.
Do you know what time it is now? What's left on your list, Adam?
List reminder: Dressed, breakfast, shoes and socks, brush teeth, lunchbox and back pack.
Turn off the TV. We can't watch that and get ready at the same time. We need to focus.
Let's go, we are going to be late for the bus if we don't leave now, and No, I don't know where the other shoe is.
Ok, let's go back and get the keys so we can take you to school. We were so close that time. I think that driver is faster on Thursdays.

From Adam:
No, not getting up this morning.
Meg, go away. I don't want to get up yet.
Where are the rest of the bananas? (Not having looked where they usually are.)
Mom, do you know where my pants are?
Mom, there are no socks.
I will get my own cereal. I don't like it when you do it.
I don't know where my pedometer is. If I loose it again I have to buy a new one myself.
Do I have Cub Scouts after school today?
My feet are cold.
I will be out in a minute, get started without me.

Hmmm... looking back over all of this, I think maybe we need an organizational make over. I'll have to get on that, sometime.

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Lily LaRue said...

Alli Sweet,
You have no idea how deja vu your post is...gave me a happy smile.
Love ya, Mom