September 20, 2008

Cancer Touches Everyone

This week our family had a devastating blow. Both my grandfather and his wife have cancer. Both are pretty advanced and prognosis is not good for either of them. In the same week they both received this news. Cancer touches every single one of us in ways we can't imagine. Even though you don't know them, they have probably affected your life. They are farmers, they own and operate cherry orchards. They used to have pears as well. Next time you get a drink of fruit juice, you can wonder if some it of came from their farm. They have been active in their community and with the local farmers association. They have made positive contributions to changes around them. Who knows what kind of ripple effect that has had.

I love my grandparents for who they are and for touching our lives. I don't know what can be done for them now, but I pray that more and more research can be done and treatment and cures found for all types of cancer. If you have the ability to support some kind of cancer research, please do it. Together, differences can be made and maybe lives can be saved. In the meantime, prayers are appreciated.


Edie said...

Oh Allicia! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents! Email me their names and I'll add them to the list of people I'm walking for.

cprolf said...

So sorry to hear about your grandparents. Just recently three people in our ward have been diagnosed with cancer and have begun the treatment. My oldest brother also has an aggressive skin cancer. Cancer in all its horrible forms is very prevelant. I wish you and your family the very best. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with them!