September 25, 2008

The cutest red boots ever

I found these really cute red boots at a thrift shop a few days ago. Our little Meg has decided she's never taking them off. She hates it when I take them off to put on her jammies and at nap time today when she finally did drift off, I go in to find her sleeping with them (should have taken a photo of that). Reminds me of sweet Tomato and her pink boots.

So what do you do when it's rained outside and you have on the most perfect red boots in the world? Play in the puddles of course.


Our Deli-Sub said...

I love them!! Every little girl should have a pair (or two) of fun boots.

cprolf said...

I wish you were her to (in a thrifty manner) shop with me. What a great find. Also, the pics are terrific! I especially like the first one which showcases the boots and the darling dress.