September 16, 2008

Pay it Forward

I decided to play a Pay it Forward with my friend Michelle. Her blog is here. Michelle sent me to a very talented lady, Diana Hansen, who made my new fun signature. Her blog is here. So here's the scoop:

The premise is the very simple act of just doing someone a favor without expecting anything in return, and if you would just "pay it forward" by returning the act of kindness and generosity, then it might be possible for a global outpouring of decency toward all mankind.

A blogger (A Mother Singing) decided to start her own "pay it forward" project. Now it is my turn to pay it forward. How does it work?

Here are the rules: I will send a gift (of my choosing) to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this "PIF" exchange, and who make the same pledge on their own blog. The only thing you have to do in return is PAY IT FORWARD - on your own blog.

So, if you want to get a goodies from me, and are willing to do the same via your blog, let me know! (Note that you'll need to give me your real (snail mail) address... which you can do by private email.) Just leave a comment and I will get with you.

So, who's up for it? This world does need a little kindness, don't ya think?

**I encourage EVERYONE who reads this to Pay It Forward to someone they encounter today or tomorrow. You might give up your seat on a bus, let a car in line in front of you, or just compliment someone. You never know what your simple act might do!**


Michelle said...

I love the signature! She is so talented. How cute!!!

Lily LaRue said...

I just wanted to wish you happy birthday. I am making meals for Dad and Carmen because after chemo I'm sure they won't want to cook, but I don't know if that is pay it forward or just what a daughter does.... But save your gifts for others.

I love you.

The Waggoners said...

I've been having a pretty rough week health wise and have been feeling kind of down - I'd love to join your pay it forward exchange. Sometimes it's hard to remember that serving others brings us great happiness. Perhaps that's just what I need to do right now! Thanks for the reminder. :)