September 24, 2008

Look who popped up

While we didn't get to talk to him, or see him, we did get this picture the other day through the Family Support Group. How fun to see Justin working hard. At first I didn't think that was him, because he doesn't do topside watches often at all, but Adam convinced me and once we blew up the picture we knew it was him. (Pretty sad, huh, that I don't recognize my own husband in a photo...) I don't know when this was taken, besides sometime in the past few weeks. He looks happy to see the sunshine!

On another sad and tragic note, my heart and prayers go out to the Sailors and family of the USS Nebraska. They had a horrible tragedy this week where a Sailor died in the line of duty while underway. A brief article is here. The Submarine community is really a small community and while we don't know this family directly, we do know people aboard. We pray for Michael's family and for all of those involved. We pray for the safety of all of our deployed service men and women throughout the world.

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