September 26, 2008

I LOVE this

Here's my new favorite thing.... In an effort to not have my 18 month old yelling the world "NO" all of the time, I have really tried to be gentle in redirecting her. I consciously change my tone of voice and take her hand and look at her face and say "No, Baby" and then go on to tell her what she can do. She used to be pretty dis-tractable and that made it easier to not have to say "No" all of the time, but not so much anymore. So in the past week when I have asked her if she wants something or give her a choice she isn't happy with she pats my shoulder or my face and gently tells me "No, Baby". It cracks me up every time. Just another reason to watch that tone of voice. I love her sweet little eyes telling me "Thanks Mom, I know you think that's a good idea, but I don't." She's as stubborn as her mom. I never would have guessed my new favorite thing would be being told "No" by my baby.