September 22, 2008

Garden Bounty

My sad little garden is finally happy. I hate to admit that I don’t like to garden, because I really do want to like it. I love the benefits of it, the time outside, the fresh vegetables during the summer. I have read books and asked friends but when it comes right down to it, I feel like I have no clue what it is I am really doing in my little garden.

This summer was harder than others to keep the garden going. It was really cold a lot longer than usual and then it was really hot for a while. We had landscaping issues and I couldn’t even get to the garden for about 3 weeks, so I sprayed it with the hose and hoped for the best. We went organic this year, mostly because I didn’t have time to figure out what kind of bugs and slugs were into the broccoli and I decided it was okay to share the zucchini with whatever creature wanted some. I did have an incident with a raccoon getting into the tomatoes though. Good thing there were 6 plants.

It’s getting to be the end of the season and I am finally, finally getting to harvest some things. Some of the tomatoes are turning red and are sweet and juicy and perfect. I got a beautiful cucumber the other day that was yummy. I remember my Big Grandma making cucumber and onion and vinegar slices. So good. Wish I knew the full recipe for that one. The zucchini has been coming, and coming and coming. Note for next year: Only 1 plant, no matter what. The onions are done, the carrots are yummy and I have found sweet little Meg more than once pulling broccoli tops off to snack on them while she’s playing. She likes her broccoli.

Overall, even though I don’t know what I am doing, I am reaping the benefits of trying anyway, and next year will be better.

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