October 21, 2008

6 Down, a Million to Go

Pounds that is. Well, maybe not a million but some days it really feels that way. But hey, a 6 pound loss isn't that bad over a couple of weeks. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I have really enjoyed walking in the mornings, more than I thought I would. My blood sugars are still crazy, but I am feeling somewhat better. I am getting the hang of smoothies in the mornings, thanks to my thrift store find of a Magic Bullet. Mom Bread, I think I am brave and desperate enough to try your famous kale shake now. Can you send me the recipe? Anyone else have any good weight loss tips that fit into a diabetic lifestyle? I am getting more and more determined to be on top of this and feel good again. I want my health back.


cprolf said...

Good job!! Six pounds is a lot. The Kale Shake is wonderful:) I drank it for many a breakfast when I was on the downhill. I lost 50 pounds when I was on the taking care of me streak.....sad that it has ended for a while. All the best. Also, are you interested in beginning to run? That may be helpful with the blood sugar.

Our Deli-Sub said...

Watch out you will be hooked before you know it.
1 Banana
1 other fruit (usually I do an apple or something in season that is sweet raspberries don't cut it)
2 sprigs of kale (just break off the end leave everything else)
ice and water to consistancy you like. Zip in the blender. Super YUM! Meg will be drinking it with you before you know it.

cprolf said...

Also, if the kale is just too much for you at first, start with two cups of fresh spinach leaves. The kale can take some getting used to.

Looker's said...

Okay, so it the Kale shake just for fun or is suppose to have some major health benefit?? I hope it has a major health benefit :)

Congrats again on the weight loss. It is hard, but you are doing wonderfully!!

cprolf said...

I think the kale shake started when I was in a weight loss phase of my life. I was looking for something super nutritious to start the day out with and had heard somewhere that kale was the most nutritious green leafy veggie so I decided to try it in a shake. I drank it every morning for almost an entire year. I saw great health benefits. Also, it does not spike the blood sugar which is a great health benefit. Honestly, as your taste for food changes the kale shake really is quite delicious. I will now step down from my "kale shake" soapbox.