October 29, 2008

I love my cat, but....

If you are a die hard animal lover, one that believes animals health ranks right up there with your own, you can skip this post. I will understand.

I love my cat. She's a sweet kitty. She's good with the kids and cuddles right up with Justin. She's about 6 years old now and she's a bit of a fighter. We can't keep her in, she's too loud, so she goes out and looks for trouble. A few months ago she got into a fight with something and got an owie on her leg. It turned to an abscess and got infected. We had to have surgery for her and after care, all of which totalled about $400. We thought she might be more careful about who she consorts with, but I guess not. After that she was in a few minor scuffles with who knows what and has had various scratches and cuts here and there.

So a few days ago she came in after spending the night outside. (Did I mention my cat was stubborn?) She had a big gash on her chest, just above her leg. You could see muscle. It was ugly. I took her to the vet again and they wanted to to do surgery and a skin graft. The bill would be about $700. Now, I love my pet, but that's a LOT of money. I asked for other options. We are doing the self healing method. She will have an ugly scar, but with antibiotics, and her lovely new collar to keep her from picking at it, she should be okay. All that for only $225.

The good news is, she will recover as long as we keep on top of it and she doesn't develop some sort of massive infection from it. The bad news (for her) is that she's grounded. No more going outside for the time being. Hopefully, she'll heal up soon and be a little nicer to the other creatures living in our neighborhood.


Katidid said...

Does your cat belong to a gang :) ? I agree your kitty needs some house arrest to chill her out!
great story, hope you have a great day!

Annalia said...

well, Allicia, I don't think you're horrible. It isn't as if you had her put down. You just chose an option you could afford - I bet she loves that collar!

cprolf said...

You love your cat much, much, MUCH more than I love my dog.... at least $500 more than I love good old Spark.